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Dog Co-Ownership Agreement

I found another article written by a lawyer who discussed different scenarios in which a condominium can go wrong and statements that can be added to condominium contracts that can help avoid these problems. This is a great read if you are thinking of owning a dog. Here`s the link: My friend sold a show on a condo. The dog has proved unsuitable for breeding (she bites!). The owner (new to breeding dogs) was considering raising the dog after obtaining her master`s and health clearance. My friend told the owner that as a breeder, she did not want the dog to be grown and offered to replace her. She was ignored and could see that the administrator was making breeding plans. We brought this problem to the AKC representative at an American spaniel club show and we were told, “The AKC is not interested in disputes between co-owners and we will sign in place of the co-owner who will not sign any registration documents.” My friend was so angry that she quickly took her name from the. It was cultivated, even though my friend sent information to the owner of the stud farm, who asked her not to raise this dog. She did it anyway, which is a violation of our club`s code of ethics. There are many reasons for co-ownership, but if you own a new puppy, it is usually the breeder who requires the co-ownership and a contract written by both parties and is signed by both parties, which generally prescribes the conditions for the entire life of the condominium, including the circumstances in which the condominium ends. In the case of co-ownership, it is generally recommended that the contract be made as detailed as possible, so that nothing is left to chance and there is no misunderstanding; However, it can be difficult to think of any scenario that may arise in the life of a dog, so the contract should cover the basics and what the breeder and owner are waiting for to exit the contract, as well as the responsibility of each party.

The condominium is when two or more people have their name as the owner on a dog`s AKC registration documents. Co-ownership can be beneficial to ranchers and new owners for several reasons, but AKC is officially angry about condominiums because of the legal tangles that may arise and not interfere in property disputes, unless it has been tried and a court has ruled. In these rare cases, they will be behind court decisions. Autres instructions ou arrangements : _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Il peut s`agir de questions telles que la question. B to know whether the seller should serve as a dog guide; And if so, is he paid for it (by the co-owner)? Will the dog be heavily publicized? Will the co-owners distribute the expenses equally? Is there a cap on these expenditures? When does the co-possession of the show dog end? Co-possession of a purebred show dog can be a mutually beneficial and enjoyable relationship.

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