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Free Trade Agreement Australia Turkey

Contains general information, updated economic indicators, Australia`s trade and investment relations with Turkey and their global trade relations, which are updated twice a year. Free trade agreements are international agreements that remove or reduce certain barriers to trade and investment between two or more countries. Australia currently has 11 free trade agreements with 18 countries and is seeking to negotiate and implement additional agreements. Turkish translation is required and all industrial products must have a registered trademark. All packages, suitcases and balls must be carried: Austrade can also help international buyers stock up on Australian goods and services. Australia is advancing trade liberalization – unilaterally, bilaterally and multilaterally. Australia is also working hard to strengthen international economic cooperation to reduce risks to the global economy and strengthen economic growth. The Austrade Australian Trade Commission is the Australian government`s leading agency for promoting international trade and attracting investment. Through a network of branches in more than 49 countries, Austrade helps Australian companies expand their international operations, attract foreign productive direct investment to Australia and promote Australia`s education sector internationally. The Istanbul Austrade office is responsible for Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Austrade is the leading national interlocutor for all international investment applications and will assist investors in providing the information needed to set up or expand a business in Australia. Austrade gives you the insights and contacts you need to successfully expand in Turkey. A comprehensive overview of political, economic and bilateral and regional trade agreements. Austrade provides information, advice and a number of business services to help Australian businesses work at prices, costs and risks. Austrade strongly recommends confirming them before the sale in Turkey. The government has adopted the EU`s common foreign trade standards, so that tariffs and tariffs (with a few exceptions) are equivalent to those of the EU. Turkey`s weighted protection rate for imports of non-sensitive manufactured goods is zero for products originating in EU countries and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA); In other countries, such as Australia, the rate for most jobs fell to about 4.1%. Austrade You Tube Austrade Twitter The number of visitors from Australia to Turkey is increasing each year. The number of visitors increased by 5% compared to 2013 to reach 200,000 in 2014.

Do you need help preparing and submitting your application? We can provide independent consultants to help. Main export products in Turkey: grapes, hazelnuts, apricots, diesel/semi-diesel, white appliances The commercial invoice must be certified with the original and signed by the exporter. The exporter must confirm the original as follows: “We hereafter confirm that this is the first original copy of our invoice, the only one issued by our company for the product mentioned here.” Australia is a great place to do business and invest. Free trade agreements offer the possibility to large and small Australian companies: main import products: oil, oil, machinery, vehicles, electrical and electronic products Specific rules apply to the labelling of certain items, including: References: Turkish Embassy in Canberra, Ministry of Economy, EIU, World Bank EMDG applications may be submitted by authorised consultants. Capital goods, certain raw materials, imports from public bodies and state-owned enterprises, as well as products for investment with incentive certificates are exempt from import duties.

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