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Grant Agreement H2020 Definition

First version: you have three weeks to submit the first version of the grant contract data, including Schedule 1 (DoA) and Schedule 2 (estimate of budget breakdown/flat estimate for lump sum pilot projects). The project manager evaluates the first version and informs you of all the requirements you still need to meet. Conclusion: You then have up to 2 weeks to submit a final version of the data. Before the grant agreement can be signed, the PLSIGN must sign a declaration of honour from each recipient (“subsidy declaration” in the system) according to the same procedure described in point 3. See the presentation of the declaration of honour for general grants and the separate presentation of the declaration of honour for a low-value grant agreement. PLSIGN sign changes to grant agreements and PFSWs sign accounts using the same process. If the legal, administrative and financial data are complete, we will determine the amount of pre-financing to be paid to them at the beginning of the project. There is no standard amount or percentage for pre-financing. In the case of an action of at least two reporting periods, it is generally less than the average EU funding per period (i.e. a maximum amount/number of periods).

For more details, see Annotated Model Grant Agreement, Article 21.2. As stipulated in the grant agreement, the coordinator must select a bank account for EU payments by selecting > “Manage Projects” in a drop-down list of the organisation`s validated bank accounts on the My Projects page. As soon as the corresponding bank account has been allocated to the project, it is used for the grant agreement. You`ll find all the necessary steps in the tool. If the preferred bank account is not mentioned, the coordinator should contact the organization`s LEAR (or self-registration for unr validated PICs) and ask them to request validation of the bank account through the participant registry. Once this new bank account has been verified (it may take a few days), it is displayed in the list of validated bank accounts and the coordinator can select it. Before signing the first Horizon 2020 grant, each legal representative of a beneficiary appoints a legal representative for legal entities (LEAR). To this end, the legal representative signs a paper document in blue ink. More information about the LEAR appointment. The grant agreement must be signed no later than three months after receiving your evaluation results (Article 20, paragraph 2, participation settlement). To do this, there is a strict deadline for each step of the preparation of the agreement. If the RAC is a beneficiary, it must sign Schedule 3b (not Schedule 3) as a membership form.

The RAC and the Commission must sign the administrative agreement online at the time of the aid signing. Make sure the budget details match the proposal and invitation to prepare the grant agreement. The proposal includes the budget of all third parties linked in the budget of the participants concerned. At this point, you must separate the budget of the participants and the related third parties and provide details for both. If joint and several liability has been sought but the declaration is not presented as shown above, the recipient is not deemed to be a party to the grant agreement. This is considered to be the if the membership form had not been signed. Select the action (i.e. the project) for which a grant agreement is being prepared. Signature Statement: As a recipient, you must sign a “declaration of honour” as soon as possible and no later than 6 weeks after the date you were invited to prepare the grant agreement.

The grant agreement can only be signed when all recipients have signed their declarations of honour. Consortium agreements are mandatory for all cooperation projects, unless otherwise stated by the applicable work programme or the call for proposals.

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