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Manchester School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

To be honest, GJ 21 is saving $500,000 through changes to health insurance. The figures also do not reflect, like the special negotiating committee, the reduction in budgeted salaries that accompany the retirement of staff and their supposed replacement by newer teachers. But that may be because of the number of head teachers the county has hired for this school year. Normally, hiring that replaces retired teachers will result in a pay cut of about $1 million. However, last year, high-level teachers from all over the state flocked to Manchester because their top pay scale is one of the best in the state and that has been attractive to many people whose municipalities have turned down lucrative new contracts. In short, not only does this treaty bring little or no significant or necessary change, but it degrades even those areas that need fundamental change, while its proponents pretend to be fiscally sustainable. District negotiators went to buy peace with the union which, after holding the table, will pursue the tactic that clearly surpassed the weak administrators and a body populated by those who supported them for the post. This contract will immortalize nothing more than to immortalize the store`s donation circuit to the union, and then complain that the shelves are bald because there is no money to store them. Learn more about Manchester School District policies by creating a personalized report from our database. For the minutes, our committee discussed the addition of paid professional development internships with the MEA. However, we wanted to incorporate them into the administrative budget to ensure that professional development is permanently sustainable and not subject to “single funding.” We have done this successfully with the para-professional bargaining unit by providing much-needed training, identifying costs and ensuring that they are financially viable.

Once these “one-off resources” come to an end, either teachers will lose those three days or the borough will be under enormous pressure to find a few million dollars in a tax cap, or to break the ceiling to create what is no doubt called “critical training” that teachers simply cannot do without.

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