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Nova Scotia Pharmacare Tariff Agreement

7 ADMINISTRATION Registration Nova Scotia Pharmacare Programs P.O. Box 500, Halifax, NS B3J 2S1 Local calls: toll-free: Fax: A supplier designates either: a Pharmacy Act licensed pharmacy that has confirmed the agreement with the tariff between the Minister and the Nova Scotia Pharmacists Association and has been designated as a supplier or in a class of suppliers; or a drug supplier, devices or services that are not licensed as a pharmacy under the Pharmacy Act, but are designated as a supplier or, in a class of suppliers, a pharmacy licensed under the Pharmacy Act, which has entered into an agreement with the Minister in accordance with the tariff and has been designated as a supplier or in a class of suppliers, new applications from non-pharmacy suppliers are not considered for approval. Existing non-pharmaceutical suppliers remain designated unless the administrator is informed that they are disconnecting as non-pharmaceutical suppliers. Pharmacy suppliers must be licensed with the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists. New suppliers and suppliers who have changed ownership must complete the following Pharmacare forms: registration of the pharmacy form, provision of information on the establishment of the pharmacy as a licensed supplier of pharmaceutical services under the Pharmacare Programs Confirmation of Agreement form, by accepting the MSI supplier`s agreement form, authorization to pay directly for the pharmacy supplier`s accreditation form to request certification of the pharmacy`s progiciau and accept the terms and conditions of the MSI supplier certification certificate for responsibility for electronic claims, to assume legal responsibility and responsibility for the accuracy and validity of all rights submitted to Medavie Blue Cross. PHARMACY CLOSING OR TRANSFERRING OWNERSHIP As stated in the collective agreement between the Nova Scotia Pharmacy Association and the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Welfare, it is your responsibility to notify our office within 30 days of transfer/conclusion if your pharmacy closes or changes ownership. This information will remain confidential. A final revenue audit is required. You can use our office under or (902) , or August 1, or August 1, “The province has reached a preliminary agreement with pharmacies that paves the way for lower drug prices and will make life for Nova Scotians listed in Pharmacare.” The firm also formally approved our new pharmacy collective agreement. The new agreement will enter into force from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2014.

The main conditions of the agreement are: the new agreement between the Quebec Association of Pharmacists Owners (AQPP) and the Ministry of Health and Social Services officially came into force on October 31. Several changes are now effective, including the payment of 3 licensed clinical activities per bill 41 – the administration of a drug for patient training, the therapeutic substitution of a drug during the interruption of care and the adaptation of the dose of a drug prescribed to ensure patient safety. Two new clinical activities will come into effect as soon as the necessary changes to the regulations on the definition of the General Drug Insurance Plan – patient management during palliative care and hospital discharge are made. These are important changes to pharmacy practice in Quebec, as they prepare the conditions for other activities being negotiated for implementation in 2020.

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