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2.3 The Member acknowledges and accepts that the RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement may be amended by a decision of the RIPE NCC General Assembly, in accordance with the procedure described in the RIPE NCC statutes. An amendment automatically comes into effect on the date indicated in the resolution or on the date of the first publication of the general meeting decision and the full text of the amended agreement on, if that date is the last, without the need to re-sign the standard NCC RIPE service contract. 11.2 Disputes arising from the standard RIPE NCC service agreement will be resolved in accordance with the NCC`s NCC ripe NCC arbitration procedure approved by the NCC RIPE Steering Committee after consultation with the RIPE NCC member, in accordance with the RIPE NCC dispute arbitration procedure. The RIPE community collectively refers to individuals or organizations, whether or not they are members of the NCC RIPE, who are interested in how the Internet is managed, structured or governed. 4.2 After six (6) months after the signing of the RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement, the candidate for membership is transformed into a full member of the RIPE NCC Association. Unless otherwise stated, candidates have the same rights and obligations as full members. ripe-626, ripe-533, ripe-435, ripe-320, ripe-258, ripe-221, ripe-191, ripe-172 Le 29. On 1 January 2019, the European Union requested consultations with the United States on the establishment of countervailing and anti-dumping duties on ripe olives from Spain, as well as on the legislation that served as the basis for the institution of these rights. RIPE is not a legal entity and has no formal affiliation. This means that anyone interested in RIPE`s work can participate in meetings via mailing lists and by attending meetings. RIPE has a chair to monitor the work between RIPE sessions and act as an external link. Rob Blokzijl, who played an important role in the creation of RIPE, was the first president and remained in that position until 2014, when he appointed Hans Petter Holen to succeed him.

The RIPE community interacts with RIPE mailing lists[1][2] RIPE Working Groups[3] and RIPE meetings. [4] European IP Networks Network Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC), a member association of Dutch law, based at the following address Stationsplein 11 1012 AB Amsterdam The Netherlands is registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce 40539632 below “RIPE NCC” 6.1. RIPE guidelines and RIPE NCC procedural documents are available to the public in the RIPE NCC Document Store. These documents, which can be reviewed and updated from time to time, are an integral part and fully apply to the RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement. Each revised document receives a new document number and can be 3.1 THE NCC RIPE undertakes to make RIPE NCC services available to the member and the Member acknowledges and accepts that he has been granted the right to use the NCC RIPE services under the terms of this Agreement. This is good news for the community and especially for non-RIPE members in the RIPE region.

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