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Vw Finance Agreement

If we have previously confirmed by email that you have met our eligibility criteria, we must now decide whether a deferral of payment is appropriate in their particular circumstances, for example. B of the terms that remain on your agreement with us. We hope you will appreciate that we have received a large number of deferred payment requests and that we take them for some time, so please continue to carry with us, you do not need to contact us, your monthly payments will not be recovered in the meantime. If we believe that a deferral of payment is appropriate, we will contact you by email to submit to an amendment agreement setting out the conditions under which we are willing to process your application. At this point, you will receive further instructions and we will ask you to respond with your digital signature within 5 days so that we can complete your application. 2. Keep the current vehicle – pay the last installment plus the “pay the purchase” option and the car belongs to you. You can also discuss with a customer manager at Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland options for renewing the current financing agreement and repaying the remaining amount (GMFV) over an agreed period; It`s easy to keep control of your agreement online. You can use your online account to make changes quickly and easily by selecting your brand below: In order to protect our employees and continue to support our customers, we offer a reduced telephone service. We only take calls between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. Don`t call if your request is urgent. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please complete this form.

As described below, you can use our websites for information and alternative methods to manage your financial agreement. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time. As with all forms of rental sales, the vehicle is legally owned by Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland (although it is registered in you, the customer`s name) until the final payment. PCP Solutions is an easy way to keep your options open. We set a future value for your car in advance, depending on how much you drive. At the end of your agreement, you can exchange, keep or return your Volkswagen for a new one, without worrying in the world about the value of your contract at the end of your contract. A deferral of payment is an agreement that allows you not to make payments for up to 3 months. During this period, your agreement is not considered late or reports a negative impact on your credit file. Applications for deferred payments are subject to an aptitude test; This should ensure that it does not worsen your financial situation depending on your individual circumstances. For more information, click here on our full page for Volkswagen Financial Services FAQs.

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