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What Is A Commercial Agent Agreement

The commission rates and calculation bases indicated in the previous paragraphs for the calculation of the commission can only be changed by contractual agreements. Mr………… (sales agent`s name, address) However, your contracting entity may decide at any time to terminate your commercial agency, if it does, it is likely that it will make payments after the end of the contract in accordance with the regulations and/or in accordance with a written agency agreement. An agent is only entitled to compensation if it is provided for in the purchase contract or commercial agency; We have a dynamic team of seven lawyers, experience in and regularly with commercial agency cases, both controversial and non-controversial. We work for both agents and contractors in a wide range of industries and have extensive experience in supporting business strategy and law. Regulation 7 provides that an agent receives all commissions earned during the Agency. If your contracting entity has not paid all the commissions that are due to you until the termination, you are entitled under Rule 7. [17] This provision is only required in contracts in which the sales agent has an exclusive agency (see point 1 of the contract; see note 3) If it is necessary to initiate legal proceedings against your contracting entity in order to recover additional payments under the regulations, it may turn out that your application is mentioned for legal proceedings. If your application is brought to justice, you should appear to testify orally. However, the vast majority of cases are resolved before the trial and many complaints filed by commercial agencies are resolved through mediation, so it is no longer common for a commercial agency to claim to be brought to justice. A client must act both conscientiously and in good faith in his dealings with his sales agent. This means making available to the sales agent the necessary documents concerning each commodity, collecting all the information necessary for the implementation of the agency agreement, informing the agent if the transaction volume is significantly lower than expected and informing the agent of his acceptance or refusal of a transaction obtained by the agent. A client must submit to the agent a commission statement at the expense of the agent and pay the agent “appropriate remuneration” in the absence of agreement on a certain level of remuneration.

In addition, the agent must respect the terms of the agency agreement with the client, whether by a written or oral contract. 21.1 This contract defines the entire agreement between the contracting parties. Neither party entered into this contract on the basis of the other party`s insurance, guarantee or commitment, which is not explicitly stated or mentioned in this contract. This article does not exclude any liability in case of fraudulent misrepresentation. Non-competition clauses are only valid if they are concluded in writing and take effect for less than two years. A non-competition clause must be limited to the goods and services and territory of the sales agent. Under Dutch trade agency law, a non-competition clause can only apply for up to two years after the termination of the commercial agency`s contract. Where the effects of a non-compete clause are considered abusive in a commercial agency contract or disproportionately disadvantage the commercial agent, the court may declare or mitigate the effects of a non-compete clause contained in a contract relating to commercial agencies. Self-employed: The use of the concept of an independent intermediary does not limit the scope of the regulations to a single individual, whether an individual, a company or a company.

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