Alec Sarner

All League Offensive Lineman – Center

Wix Partner Agreement

You accept that, if your representative (for example. B, a person or organization acting on your behalf and/or on your behalf) you have acquired Wix services on your behalf, but you are bound as a customer by all conditions (and/or in wix`s Terms of Use and/or in the Registrar`s Terms of Use). Your continued use of our services ratifies all unauthorized acts of your agent. By using your login name, account number or password, or pretending to act on your behalf, your agent certifies that he or she has the right to request our services on your behalf, that he or she has the right to bind you under this Agreement (and other agreements in accordance with the agreement) that he or she has the terms of this Agreement and that he or she is authorized to act on your behalf. In addition, you are responsible for all mistakes made by your agent. Due to these application market conditions or your use of the application market, there is no joint venture, partnership, employment or agency relationship between you and Wix. Titles are just a convenience. These application market conditions, as well as Wix`s terms, represent the entire agreement between you and Wix regarding the use of the application market and herely gather all prior and/or simultaneous notifications and suggestions, whether electronic, oral or written between you and Wix regarding the application market. You cannot transfer or transfer rights from these application market conditions without Wix`s express written consent, which may be withheld at Wix`s sole discretion.

By clicking on the “Buy” button and/or by purchasing the Google Mailing app (“Service”), you agree to the following terms and conditions, which constitute an agreement between you and Wix (“Agreement”),” as well as any registration rules or policies that may be published from time to time by Wix and/or Wix. These Wix App Market terms of use (`these` App Market Terms`) are a legal agreement between and between Ltd.

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