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Wsu Housing Agreement

By signing and submitting this addition to the WSU Pullman Housing and Dining Financial Contract 2020-2021, I confirm that I have read, understood and accepted the terms of the accommodation and hospitality contract – which includes the accommodation and meal contract, the housing and payment plan and the housing price and hospitality price policy, as stated now or how it can be changed over the life of this contract. All students who leave during the semester must report them, including accommodation reservations, by filing a notice. This will be completed using the contract function and leave the group in your online SSA application – The termination fee is waived for transfers within university housing, diploma, student education, internship or withdrawal from the WSU. If you have any further questions or concerns about this process, please contact the reservation office at 335-4577 or You can break your housing contract at any time. However, your housing contract applies for the entire year of study and some penalties apply depending on whether you are moving. Residents are expected to keep their accounts up to date at all times. A full semester can be paid in advance or payments can be paid on their published contract/lease. Residents who, for good reasons, expect difficulties in complying with the published payment plan, should be contacted by the due date at 509-335-8625 at 509-335-8625 to establish an acceptable alternative payment schedule for both parties.

We look forward to your call and look forward to helping you. Residents who terminate the lease from July 23 to August 7 do not pay a cancellation fee. All first payments are refunded. Any cancellation on or after August 8 will be considered a termination, regardless of whether the resident has accepted the occupation. Please contact the Housing Authority at or call 507.457.5305 if you are considering terminating your housing contract. Read the FAQs below or contact the Housing Authority at or call 507.457.5305. If you currently live in a dormitory and wish to move to another hall or room, consult your director of education. Once your application is received, we will review our waiting list to determine if any other assignment changes are in front of you and to determine the availability of space. If there is room, you will receive an in-room transfer card that authorizes your move. The new space will be allocated to you and you will receive a date when you must complete the move.

You need to check correctly from your current location, which involves lighting the keys at your receipt and concluding the room inventory contract. Show your account balance due for cost changes. The policy is based on the belief, supported by national and local data on the benefits of living in licensed housing in the first year, that our living and learning environment offers students the highest educational value. In addition, the education, well-being, health, safety and comfort of all our students are highly interested. Regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, lifestyle, gender or skills, our students benefit from interaction with other students as well as academic and social assistance services provided by our life staff.

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