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Signature Does Not Indicate Agreement

Instead of insisting on a signature, HR professionals should encourage the employee to file a written rebuttal, Shea said. Add the rebuttal of the disciplinary form. The employer must therefore remain vigilant about the officialization of the acceptance by the employee and not be satisfied with the simple signature of the employee, but at the very least oblige him to accompany his signature with the inscription “read and approved”. Otherwise, dismissal may be considered unjustified dismissal after the irregular lengthening of the trial period. If the worker refuses to sign and does not submit a rebuttal, it will be more difficult for the employer to prove that the worker has obtained the discipline, she noted. “If the worker chooses to refuse to do so, there would not be much the employer could do to counter that.” In this context, is the employee`s signature on the letter extending the trial period sufficient to characterize his explicit consent to such an extension? Danaher recommended separating the signature box from the text from the disciplinary report. She said that signatures should be included in the field: “My signature here only indicates that I had the opportunity to read this report. There is no agreement with the content” and should have a signature line underneath. If a comment field is available, insert a signature line below. Home > Europe > France > A signature does not (always) mean acceptance Despite the best efforts of an employer, an employee always sometimes refuses to sign. What does HR do then? You do not want to look like you have written the employee and put the documentation in a personal file that has not been seen. If the employee still decides not to sign, an HR professional and a witness can document the receipt with their own signatures. They may then be invited to testify that the discipline had been submitted to the worker.

What should you do if your boss asks you to sign a letter and you disagree or plan to challenge it? Ask for time to write a rebuttal or sign the document with a note indicating that you have received and verified the spelling while finding that your signature does not match the content. In that case, the Supreme Court upheld a number of established cases that the mere fact that the worker signed a document prepared by the employer informing him of the lengthening of the probationary period cannot be considered as evidence of the worker`s agreement for such an extension. The justification for this case law is that the worker`s acceptance must be clear and unequivocal and that it is not possible to infer from the signing of the letter by the worker, in which he announced such an extension, that the worker has accepted the principle of such an extension: the mere fact of the signature could simply indicate that the worker confirms receipt of the letter.

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