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Software Product Partnership Agreement

B. Adhere to program guidelines. You will comply at all times with the terms of this Agreement, including the guidelines of the solutions program that are applicable to you and which are as a reference. If you participate in the program as a partner, the solution partner program guidelines contain requirements that a partner must meet to qualify for a specific partner level and may also provide more detail on the requirement that the partner must purchase certain products or services to participate in the program as a partner. In addition, partners must meet the active engagement requirement (defined in Section 3.B below) for all qualified transactions. Failure to comply with the Solution Program guidelines may result in the termination of this Agreement in accordance with the “Cancellation” section of the Solution Program or other termination rights that we have. 6.1 Length of contract. This contract begins from the date the client enters into an agreement with the partner (the “effective date”) and applies to the duration described in this agreement (the “duration”). Notwithstanding the above, the duration of the agreement between Solution Partner and Custer must not exceed the deadline agreed between Hootsuite and Solution Partner on behalf of the client. “Other products,” the products and services we offer that are not included in the subscription service. For the purposes of this agreement, other products include all of our older sales and marketing products, as well as all implementations, migrations, adaptations, training, advice, additional support or other professional services of HubSpot, or third-party product or service expenses. The main objective of an agreement is to clearly define the rights and obligations of the parties.

These are just some of the important terms you`ll see in a software development agreement. Writing these terms and their subsequent clauses requires clear and concise language to reduce the risk of misinterpretation. 2.4 Use allowed. The customer (i) is responsible for the compliance of this contract by authorized users, including the Fair Dealing Directive; (ii) solely responsible for the accuracy, quality, integrity and legality of the customer`s content and the means they have used to acquire or generate customer content; (iii) undertake economically reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized access to services or use of services, including the secrecy of their password and username and the non-authorization of the username, password or account for services by third parties; (iv) solely responsible for all activities carried out through their accounts in relation to services; (v) immediately notify Hootsuite if the customer is aware of a security breach or reasonably suspects that he is detecting unauthorized losses, thefts or disclosure or use of the customer`s username, password or account (or authorized user); (vi) use the services only in accordance with applicable authorities` laws and regulations or any other access related to the customer`s use of the services; (vii) comply, in all respects, with all applicable conditions for third-party services that subscribe to them.

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