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Arbitration Clause Credit Card Agreement

According to the Military Lending Act, active soldiers and their relatives are exempt from mandatory arbitration in financial contracts. By blocking customers` legal rights with an arbitration clause, banks can protect themselves from legal proceedings that could challenge their fees, recoveries and other practices. Credit unions – few of which have large credit card transactions – rarely have arbitration clauses for their cards or other types of services. Yes, you have the right not to be pushed to arbitration. But it is not a very important or sensible right. By accepting this Agreement or using your account, you acknowledge that you are waiving the right to negotiate claims (AS DEFINED BELOW) AND THE RIGHT TO INITIATE OR PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS ACTION, unless you object to arbitration as set forth below. They thereby knowingly and voluntarily waive the right to be heard in court or to have a trial by jury for all claims that are subject to this Agreement. You also acknowledge that you have carefully read this arbitration clause, that you accept its terms and that you accept this agreement voluntarily and not with confidence on promises or assurances, except those contained in this agreement. “Most of the mandatory arbitration clauses we see almost everywhere today provide an exception for a small claims court.” Of the remaining 21 issuers subject to the conciliation obligation, 12 customers can refuse the clause by sending an opt-out letter.

Some of them are American Express, Citibank and Discover. Some cardholders don`t like the idea of taking over a large bank in court. .

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