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By Mutual Agreement Between The Parties

Note Mandatory if the mutual agreement concerns a part of the country, an interest/share, contains a plan or Torrens Title Land. Operational clause: »agreement/mutual agreement… ». Name: Full names (initials are acceptable) of the parties involved are required. Inform the hosting party of any name change. Enforcement: by all parties concerned. A power of attorney must be registered in the case of land or shares. Main act: when registered, the number of the document concerned must be identical to the number indicated on the REIT, as indicated in the mutual agreement. V: the parties concerned, the deceased remissions or trusts and any variations thereof. A mutual trade agreement should indicate the names and addresses of the parties, the start date of the agreement, the duration of the agreement and a basic description of the cooperation between the undertakings. For example, a mutual business agreement could stipulate: “XYZ Company will regularly forward customer recommendations to ABC Company. In exchange for any successful recommendation, ABC Company XYZ Company pays the sum of US$3,000.

“In addition, a mutual business agreement should consider how the parties can terminate the agreement and the type of termination necessary for termination. A reciprocal trade agreement, also known as a joint venture agreement or a mutual cooperation agreement, is only a contract reminiscent of the agreement between two parties cooperating for common purposes. Since the nature of the business plan pursued will vary, reciprocal commercial agreements also vary. However, most trade agreements have similar points to those of a reciprocal confidentiality agreement.B. If the parties entering into a mutual commercial agreement intend to disclose sensitive information such as customer lists, business know-how, supplier lists or trade secrets, a confidentiality clause should be included in the mutual commercial agreement. That clause should specify what information is considered confidential, who has access to that information, how the information may be used and how it will be treated after the termination of the agreement. A confidentiality agreement should indicate the consequences of accidental or intentional disclosure of confidential information. Certificate: required. Must be certified by a person 18 years of age or older who is not a party to the document. Stamp duty – Mandatory if the country is concerned. If it is necessary to mark ambiguously, registration is prohibited. Not necessary if the country is not concerned.

“Title Information” form – Not required. Registration copy – Required. If this is not acceptable, registration is prohibited. . Date: must be dated from the date of execution. If it is not dated, inform the hosting party. If no date is given, indicate the record and indicate the reason. Link Conveyance: necessary if the country of the old system is concerned. The last registered transfer or confirmation that attests to ownership before book 4000.

All or part of it must be defined. Description of the land: necessary. Determine if the country concerned is an old country or another country (see REIT). If the land of the old system is concerned, it should be described as follows:. . . .

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