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Clause 24A) Of The Listing Agreement

(2) `listed company` means an entity which has listed on one or more recognised stock exchanges the securities it has issued or the securities issued under systems it manages, in accordance with the listing agreement concluded between the recognised stock exchange(s). Note: * Subsections (F), G) and (H) have been deleted in accordance with SEBI Circular No CIR/CFD/POLICY CELL/7/2014 of 15 September 2014. These provisions shall apply to a listed company which has listed one of the following designated securities* on recognised stock exchanges: 1. The certificate must be issued within thirty days instead of fifteen. 3. Circular CIR/CFD/CMD/6/2015 of 13 October 2015 of the empty SEBI had imposed the format of the single listing agreement; Your email address will not be published. mandatory fields are marked with * (a) all recommended or declared dividends and/or barboni, or the decision to pay a dividend or interest payment and the date on which the dividend is to be paid/dispatched; 2. It shall make known the events referred to in paragraph B of Part A of Annex III; issuance of certificates within fifteen days of the date of filing of the transmission, subdivision, consolidation, renewal, exchange or approval of appeals/allocations. 2. The new format was created by SEBI by the circular number. CIR/CFD/CMD/13/2015 of 30 November 2015 In addition to the audited accounts, the annual report now contains a statement on the impact of audit qualifications in accordance with Rule 33(3)(d). Indicate the advance announcement of the Board of Directors meeting at least two business days in advance, with the exception of the date of the announcement and the date of the meeting.

(a) the number of shares covered by those options, the conditions and the period during which they may be exercised; SS-1, published by ICSI, however, required the DIs to meet once a calendar year. . 11. Annual Report on Compliance as Secretariat: While the Annual Audit of the Secretariat includes a full review of compliance with all laws applicable to the enterprise, listed companies shall also require, on an annual basis, that the PCS verify the pcs` compliance with all applicable rules and circulars and circulars published therein, following which the PCS shall submit a report to the listed company in the manner set out in this circular. . 7. SEBI empty Bulletin n° CIR/OIAE/001/2015 given on 30 November 2015 had laid down the procedure for issuing a certificate without opposition for the release of 1% of the amount of the issue; 9. (a) #Specified securities listed on the Board of Directors or on the SME Stock Exchange or on the institutional trading venue; 3. Essential subsidiary: a subsidiary whose net return or assets is 10% of the group`s profit. The net assets of the listed company and its subsidiaries in the immediate preceding financial year – w.e.f. .


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