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Construction Management Contract Agreement

While construction management agreements typically contain those mentioned above, they can be structured differently, with many types of contracts designed to best meet the needs of all parties in all sorts of different scenarios. Becoming familiar with the types of contracts that are typically at stake in construction projects is an important first step in optimizing all contract-related processes within construction management. 3. The client shall at all times retain control and benefit from the expertise of a site manager whose interests correspond to his own. Here is a complete list of the types of construction management contracts that are often used. The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) Construction Management Contract (JCT-CM) is designed to be used in projects in which the employer appoints separate contractors with separate contractual responsibilities for the construction of the work. The site manager is appointed by the employer to supervise the completion of the work as the employer`s representative. This involves issuing instructions, preparing certifications, managing contractual conditions, etc. 1. It is well suited for fast-track projects. The site manager may be mandated before the completion of the project.

In traditional works management, the site manager is appointed as the client`s representative to manage and supervise the construction of the project on behalf of the client. The most common form of construction management contracts in Australia is AS 4916. .

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