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Supplementary Agreement India

. Date of use of the addendum and in violation of Circular EM No. 509, 510 of 2.5.97 and also Circular No. 520 of 30.3.99, which is also irregular and. the defects were still present at the time of the claim of the subsequent convention. As a result, the entire payment made was frustrating and resulted in an undue advantage for the agencies. 3. Sh. The staff member was for the period prior to the date of the draw of the endorsement that was not correct.

Even until 2.5.97, Circular No. 474 of 8.11.95 was in force and, thereafter, no payment for. . 29.12.2011 for A.Y 2008-2009.2. Revenues were derived from the following means:1. The CIT (A) should have found that the endorsement was not the basis for. that the acceptance of the estimated costs in accordance with the addendum is clearly an ex post facto idea of the assessor and should be rejected.3. The CIT (A) should have taken the fact into account. Initial Agreement.

Consequently, the CIT (A) should, at its discretion, have covered the judge`s estimated excessive costs by an addendum.5. The CIT (A) should have appreciated. . The complaint concerns the various conditions of the development agreement and the amendment between the parties. It is claimed that the defendants did not build the apartment. The parties reached an amendment, but the impugned petitioners also breached the terms of the amendment. There was also a lot of delay and the construction schedule was not. However, the complainants complained of did not pay the complainant the amount of the damage corresponding to Article 40,000 / – per month, as specified in the addendum.5. We`re going.

. the argument that the amendment between the claimant and the supplier of the goods has not been examined and that, therefore, the original order must be rescinded and the case. that the aforementioned amendment has no influence and has not given rise to any payment to the supplier of the goods. He argued that the order under appeal appealed only income. Submissions. We note that the original decision-making authority considered the matter without entering into the addendum. Revenue had addressed the Commissioner (Appeals) mainly on the grounds that the . S.B Sinha, J.

– Holidays. 2. As regards whether the implementation of an addendum concluded by and between the applicant and the third defendant is an agreement. The rental deed of 5-3-1999 was to be paid. In response to a notification, which was served on the applicant`s behalf on that behalf, a ground was filed to claim that the addendum was only an act. Document, since the amendments made to the legal effect of the act and, therefore, to the supplementary document of the Treaty in question were subject to the entire substantial amendment. In this regard, he stopped. . which contract no ___ datiert ____200_ to which the railway relates. » 3. The respondents refer to a document entitled addendum, between the. Parties. This amendment is Annex B of the main agreement that the parties must sign after the conclusion of the contract.

The conclusion of this amendment relates to…:”9.8 Addendum to the conclusion of the works and the takeover by the railways, in accordance with the terms of the contract or other parties. . . .

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