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What Is A New Media Agreement

And unlike other SAG AFTRA Theatrical agreements, you don`t have to perform a theatrical performance under this agreement. While this agreement may seem to apply perfectly to your film, it`s important to note that you must first release your film in theaters to qualify. If your movie is streamed directly to a streaming service like Hulu, your SAG scaling rates may be new media. Amazon, Instagram, YouTube – these are just some of the goals that the Screen Actors Guild calls “new media.” Whether you`re making a film or a series, both fall under this agreement as long as your budget ranges from $50,000 to $1,000,000. Unlike the signatories` other agreements, the New Media Agreement does not require minimum remuneration. Initial compensation is fully negotiable under the SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement for productions that do not meet the high budget threshold. While there are no minimum requirements under the agreement, note that local, state, and federal minimum wage laws continue to apply. Payment is due to the performer no later than five working days from the date of work. SAG Pension and Health or AFTRA Health and Retirement contributions are due on the initial negotiated damage of 17%. Unlike SAG Class A fares, you`ll have to pay a little more if New York is one of your cities, which is why most opt for the first deal. The 1st utilization rate is as follows: For new media projects under $250,000 (but more than $50,000), artists should pay a minimum rate of $125 per day. As with other low-budget deals, there is only one sag daily player rate.

Unlike SAG deals for film (where everything is determined by budget), prices in the TV world are determined by the number of episodes you`re going to create, and in most cases by the length of the episode. If you`re working with actors who aren`t part of the guild, don`t worry. Under this agreement, as with most SAG agreements, these actors are allowed to work with a Taft-Hartley agreement. If you`re looking for a SAG short film deal, this is probably the place to start. SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) is a union that represents more than 160,000 film and television actors, radio, video game actors, advertisers (radio and television), news presenters, singers and recording artists (both royal artists and background singers), actors in commercials and actors who work as stunts and special acts. It is committed to protecting the interests of its members and improving wages, working hours and working conditions. To this end, SAG-AFTRA has entered into a number of contractual arrangements that apply when one of its members is involved in a production. So, if you want to include a SAG-AFTRA member in your production, you must become a “signatory” of the corresponding SAG-AFTRA agreement and accept its terms. To be clear, SAG-AFTRA members cannot work for you unless you are a signatory to the relevant SAG-AFTRA agreement. Unfortunately, most new media producers don`t realize that SAG-AFTRA covers all forms of media, including low-budget online productions.

This article provides a quick overview of the new media deal, including when you need it and what it requires of you as a producer. SAG-AFTRA`s New Media Agreement, which covers dramatic (scripted) and non-dramatic (unwrited) entertainment productions, is intended to be initially distributed via the Internet, mobile devices or any other new media platform (now known or developed below). . . .

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