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Yacht Syndicate Agreement

YSMGlobal provides luxury boat ownership to Australian, New Zealand and other global sailors in Europe and Australia. Driving your own yacht to some of the most interesting and extraordinary ports in the world is easier than you think. The vessel is the property of the owners of the boat syndicate, not a third party. The software defines who owns which part of the ship. A unique feature of Boat Equity is that it also guarantees unequal ownership of a vessel. For example, a ship may be owned by two people, but one person owns 1/3 and the other 2/3 owns the boat. There are many ways to set up a private boat community union, but the legal department of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) can be of great help in this regard. If you have one or two friends who are interested in joining you and one of you is a personal member of the RYA, you can set up a private partnership with a simple empty contract available on the RYA website. Each agreement must cover all relevant details and contingencies, including: • Names, contact details and signatures • The size of the share belonging to each partner • The details of the boat and its berth • The responsibilities of the syndicate manager • The methods of selling the shares • Procedure in case of default • Details of the insurance • Qualifications and skills of the members • Distribution of the allocated sailing time • The change procedure • The condition in the case it must be lef • Provision of a maintenance fund • Emergency plan in case of accident • Voting rights of members • Dates of meetings It is advisable to hold a general meeting at least once a year, during which the distribution of the navigation season is usually also decided. You will need to appoint a secretary to handle all maintenance work, bunk and fuel bills, etc. Also agree in advance who will perform what tasks on the boat and when. I have been involved in disputes involving boat union agreements between unknown parties. Despite precautions, such as signing written agreements.

B, in one case prior to the delivery of the vessel, the parties involved had a dispute over the position of the berth and the cost of the berth prior to delivery. This raises a number of concerns and highlights the importance of having a contract that is easy to understand between the parties and covers all relevant areas that provide you with adequate protection of your legal interests as well as the legal options you may have in the event of a legal dispute. Australian yachts operate from our base in the Whitsundays QLD, where the marina facilities are fantastic, and from Pittwater to Sydney, where the reasons for cruising are second to none. At the consortium meeting, the owners agree on an annual budget for the vessel. The maintenance and accounting parties are then able to manage expenses throughout the year according to the budget. All major expenses that are not budgeted must be solved by majority. All expenses incurred by an owner on behalf of the syndicate must be claimed by the consortium by presenting the receipt to the accountant. You can sail on your own yacht or use an equivalent boat from another base. The travel time is divided into points.

Each owner receives 84 points per year. Half can be used to book in advance, 28 in high season, the other 42 in the short term (7 days in the Mediterranean, 16 days elsewhere). .

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